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Slip and Fall Attorney San Diego

Consider a situation where you slipped and fell because someone else did not take proper care of a floor that you had a legal right to walk on.  If you sustained a knee injury, bumped your head, or suffered from some other type of physical damage, then you may be eligible for financial compensation.  Even if you fall in a store, and they offer to pay your medial bills via their liability insurance, you may still be able to gain additional compensation.   In this case, discussing the matter with a  San Diego personal injury lawyer may be of some assistance.
When you contact the Law Offices of Larry  Sidiropoulos, you can rest assured that we understand what you are going through in terms of lost work time, medical bills, and all the physical and emotional pain that you are trying to deal with.   We will be happy to listen to your story, and determine whether or not you have a viable case.  No matter whether your injuries are minor or severe, our staff will always give you individualized attention.   If you have a viable case, we will make sure that the offending party pays your medical bills, as well as adequate repayment for any other damages that have occurred because of their negligence.  Our professional staff routinely deals with property liability cases involving spinal cord injury, concussions, contusions, broken bones, bruises, brain and head injury, bleeding, soft tissue injuries, loss of consciousness, paralysis, and much more.

When I get Injured, Who Is Responsible?
Needless to say, if you were injured because of your own carelessness, or an innocent mistake, then you will need to take responsibility for your bills, as well as putting your life back together.  On the other hand, when someone else causes you injury, then they are obligated to provide some form of compensation.  Consider a situation where you visit a store where the owner  has a loose dog.  If the dog is not tied up, or there are no warnings about a dog being on the premises, the owner will be held responsible if you get bit.

Even though most cases of negligence are fairly clear cut, you will still need an experienced and competent property liability lawyer to manage your case.  Over the years, Larry  Sidiropoulos has taken an enormous amount of pride in providing the best possible legal counsel for his clients.  He and his staff will work tirelessly and aggressively to pursue your claim, and ensure that your case receives the best compensation possible.  Why get taken advantage of simply because you do not know how to file court documents?  Today, you can call the Law Offices of Larry Sidiropoulos and receive a free evaluation of your case.

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