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Elevator Injury Accident Attorney in San Diego

Even though you may not hear much about it, 207 people died in elevator accidents from 1992 to 2001.  Of these individuals, 61 were passengers, and the remainder were either construction workers or elevator service operators.  While you may not think of going into an elevator as posing a risk to your life or well being, it is important to realize that you can obtain legal counsel from the Law Offices of Larry Sidiropoulos if you or a family member are injured in an elevator.

When an elevator accident occurs, there are usually one or more of three parties that may be held responsible.  First, the manufacturer of the elevator may be held responsible if some part of the apparatus failed.   Typically, if there is a history of failure of a specific part in similar elevators, then it can be said that the manufacturer knew the equipment posed a risk.

When elevator equipment fails, the service company that performs routine inspections of each elevator system may also be held responsible. An independent inspector must perform a thorough inspection that includes details about worn parts, or anything else that might cause a serious malfunction.  If someone dies in an elevator because of this oversight, then the service company becomes responsible for the injuries.

As may be expected, the owner of the building may also be responsible for any deaths that occur in an elevator accident.  For example, if the owner or landlord did not have safety inspections carried out at appropriate intervals, and a usually rugged part of the apparatus fails, then the building owner will be considered negligent.  In a similar way, if the owner of the building does not maintain the system properly, or make adequate repairs, he/she will be held financially responsible for any injuries that may occur.

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