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Drunk Driver Injury Attorney in San Diego

When you are involved in a car accident, you are bound to feel angry and upset.  That said, when the other driver is drunk or impaired, you are likely to be even angrier.  If you or a loved one suffers from permanent injury, or an innocent life is taken, dealing with insurance adjusters can easily cause far more frustration than you are ready to cope with.  Unfortunately, no matter how outraged you, law enforcement personnel, and other members of the community may be, it may still be difficult to get the compensation that you deserve.

Each year the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration gathers statistics related to automobile crashes.  This includes the number of crashes involving drunk drivers.  In 1998 alone, 1.2 million deaths and injuries were caused by drunk drivers.  Statistically speaking, in the United States, even today, someone dies in a drunk driving accident every 13 minutes.  Unfortunately, many drunk drivers do not carry adequate coverage, or they may be completely uninsured.  This is just one of many reasons why you may wind up taking them to civil court in the event of a crash.

Larry  Sidiropoulos has years of experience aggressively pursing drunk drivers in civil court.  He and his legal team will not rest until you get the money that you deserve.   In  fact, Larry and his team will also go after those individuals and businesses that may have contributed to the incident.  This includes hotels, bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and others who improperly served alcoholic beverages.  Interestingly enough, even if the drunk driver has no insurance, the business that sold the alcohol may still be held responsible for your damages.  You may even be surprised to find that “social hosts” that provide alcoholic beverages to a house guest may also be held responsible  In order to gain access to these individuals, you will always need to go to a lawyer, such as Larry Sidiropoulos.  While money will never take the place of the usage of limbs damaged in a crash, or the life of a loved one, at least you will get some satisfaction from seeing that drunk drivers pay for the problems that they caused.

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