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Dog Bite Lawyer San Diego

No matter whether an adult or a child gets bit by a dog, it tends to be a traumatic experience.  If you, your child, or some other loved one has been bit by someone elses dog, an experienced San Diego lawyer such as Larry  Sidiropoulos may be able to help you.  No matter whether you have medical bills to pay, or the damage caused lifelong scars, you can rest assured that Larry will help you get due compensation from the owner of the dog.

Few domestic animal attacks rival those involving dogs.  Unfortunately, statistics show that children tend to be the most common victims of dog bites.  Regardless of whether a child is curious about a loose dog, or does not understand that a dog will guard his/her territory, the wounds and trauma associated with being bit can last a lifetime.  Perhaps even worse, research indicates that the vast majority of cases where a child is mauled to death occur when the child encounters a pet from their own family.
Some Facts To Know About Dog Bites:

  • Dog bites are the second most common form of injury to children.  The American Medical Association indicates that dog bites cause more injuries to children than playground accidents.
  • 4.5 million, or almost 2% of the population in the United States will suffer from dog bites every single year.  The incident rate may be much higher, considering the vast majority of dog bites consist of “nipping” or are never reported.
  • Males tend to be bitten  at a rate doubled that of females.
  •  3,423 postal carriers suffered from dog bites in year 2003 alone.
  •  Licensed dogs tend to bite more often than strays.
  • Each year, at least 20 people in the United States die from dog attacks and bites.  Most of these unfortunate victims are children.
  • In 2007, 3 adults killed by dogs were over age 50, and at least 6 were under ten years old. Some victims were only 18 months old.


There is no question that a dog bite causes emotional suffering as well as physical damage.  While you are trying to get past all of this distress, the medical bills, lost wages, and loss of physical functionality can all seem overwhelming.  When you or a loved one need to go for psychological counseling, the entire situation may seem even worse.  If you are wondering who should pay for all of these problems, you need look no further than the owner of the dog that bit you.
Unfortunately, many times, individuals that own aggressive or dangerous dogs will refuse to meet their financial obligations to you.   This may include a settlement that is worth as much as $100,000.  Rather than lose out on the compensation that you deserve, you can call on a San Diego lawyer instead.  The Law Offices of Larry  Sidiropoulos is fully staffed with a number of individuals that know how to manage dog bite cases in order ensure you receive full satisfaction.

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