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Cruise Ship Accident Attorney San Diego

Cruise Ship Injuries

Cruise Ship Accident Lawyer in San Diego, California

A cruise on board of a magnificent liner is ought to be filled with uninterrupted entertainment, shopping, sun and feast. However, a dream vacation can be brought to a stop when hazardous situations aboard or on expeditions at ports of call results in travelers’ damage or demise.

Cruise Ship Injuries

All sorts of injuries happening on a holiday cruise are taken into consideration by our firm:

  • Slip and Fall misfortunes on damp or irregular surfaces, or caused by cruise ship management
  • Water slide, Swimming pool and Wave pool mishaps
  • Accidents on cruise line-permitted expeditions at ports of calls.
  • Sexual attack or physical stabbing on the cruise ship by team associates or other travelers
  • Polluted food ensuing in relentless sickness (that is, salmonella, gastrointestinal infections, virus infections, etc.)
  • Medical neglect — People treated on board of a cruise liner could be adjourned at ports of other countries devoid of sufficient, thoughtful preparations. The doctors treating the patients/visitors might not be competent or might not possess appropriate medical tools, resulting in erroneous judgment and/or inappropriate conduct.

Contacting an Attorney!

In numerous cases, the cruise ticket of a commuter offers a 1 year decree of precincts on individual injury assertions beside the cruise line. Whilst cases of cruise liner characteristically reconcile out of court, preserving the attorney, as early as can be, after the accident is crucial. Getting in touch with a lawyer swiftly also permits us to file hazardous situations on the ship and interrogate the eyewitness or team members as they return to port or are in port on consequent sailings.

Call the Sidiropoulos Law Firm with any questions regarding a cruise ship injury for a free discussion. We shall examine your injury case swiftly and We employ a fully bilingual staff.

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