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Catastrophic Injury Attorney San Diego

As a general rule of thumb, catastrophic injuries tend to be severe injuries associated with the brain or spinal cord.  Aside from being initially life threating, the injured person usually requires some type of assistance for the remainder of their life.  Some of the catastrophic injury cases types that Larry Sidiropoulos deals with include:

  • amputations
  • back injuries
  • fractured bones
  • loss of sight or hearing
  • severe disfigurement of face or other body parts
  • burns
  • neurological disorders

Needless to say, these injuries cause irreversible and often negative changes in the persons life, as well as in the lives of their family members.  This includes the bills associated with extensive surgeries that may be repeated several times over the years, and other kinds of medical care.   No matter how sudden the accidents are that cause these injuries, putting your life together is still very important.  For example, a car accident tend to be fairly common, highly random events that can permanently disrupt, or even end,  your life.
Over the years, the Law Offices of Larry Sidiropoulos has helped thousands of personal injury victims gain the compensation that they deserve.  Regardless of whether you suffered catastrophic injury during a car accident, or some other incident, you can call and receive a free consultation today.  Aside from receiving a fair and accurate assessment of your claims, you can also gain some information about how much money you can get from the settlement. What have you got to lose by calling and gaining access to this vital information?

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