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Boat Injury Attorney San Diego

Watercrafts and Boats

San Diego Boating Accident Lawyer

Charter Vessel Injury Lawyer From Southern California Helping Injured in Los Angeles, San Diego and all over California

If you or any other member of your family gets injured during an accident while diving or travelling on a boat, a personal watercraft a charter boat, feel free to contact the boat mishap lawyers of the Sidiropoulos Law Firm. We have wide experience in the field of ship and boat accidents. We have been successful in obtaining adequate compensation for the victims who suffered personal injuries.

Sidiropoulos Law Firm has in the past represented people throughout the area of South California, encompassing varied kinds of boat and  watercraft mishaps:

  • Private vessels — The vessel operator has an absolute duty of ensuring the safety of all the passengers. In this case, we undertake all kinds of injuries, such as collision with any other boats, the dock or the bridge abutment. In this category, the people who are put overboard or get injured on the deck are also included.
  • Charter boats as well as ferries — The captain of the commercial yachts and ferries are generally held responsible for the safety purposes. Thus, the owners and the operators of these commercial vehicles are held responsible in case of any injuries linked to the boat/ferry crashes or the injuring of passengers due to the decision of sailing in bumpy seas.
  • Cruise ships — For this category, please refer to our page related to  Cruise Ship Injury.
  • Personal watercraft — We can handle the wave runner or the jet ski catastrophes, which includes the collisions with the other boaters/objects, swimmers getting hit by PWC as well as the people getting injured, when they are thrown from personal watercrafts. In this regard, the plausible design defects are monitored, along with the possibility of personal neglect.
  • Marina/dock accidents — Our firm has also represented slip/fall victims and other people afflicted by the rotted, the slippery or the badly sustained docks. Refueling explosions and other marina mishaps are also covered in this category.
  • Diving injuries — We embody the divers who are injured due to the negligent functioning of another person. For example, a case had risen in the past wherein a diver had undergone disastrous injuries, as the boats propeller had got stuck to the client. This is because the negligent boat operator had ignored the dive flags at surface for alerting the boaters to stay lucid.
  • Drunk boating — Operating the boat or the watercraft, while being intoxicated amounts to criminal offense. Thus, in this case, the drunk boaters causing the accidents are likely to compensate for the victims, in case of any injuries.

Sufferers of the boating or the diving injuries may collect the damages for the medical expenditure as well as future care. It can also serve as a means of compensating the lost earnings during recovery, in addition to the misery and pain which is incurred at the expense of the lost delight of life. If the boating accident turns out to be fatal, the family members may also collect the compensatory money for covering the medical expenses, emotional ordeal as well as the loss of the net contributions and accumulations, provided by the beloved ones.

We at Sidiropoulos Law Firm are highly knowledgeable regarding maritime laws as well as the other California laws, which pertain to such injuries. Immediate investigation of accident and aggressive seeking oh the maximum compensation are our primary forte. Our Southern California based attorneys that specialize in accidents can always be contacted for getting a complimentary consulting session. In addition, our whole staff is cordial and bilingual.

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